We blogged back in March about our success in being included in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)'s programme to support public-interest news, the "Future of News Fund". The programme concluded in June and this blog offers our thanks for the support and encourages DCMS to ensure that the Fund's success is fully exploited to ensure that lasting impact is delivered.

Glimpse Protocol was backed for our ability to deliver greater revenue to publishers by connecting them more directly with advertisers and doing so with an ethical, consumer-centric system that aligns with public-interest values.

Discovering a new role for ethical advertising revenue

The programme concluded in June and so it is timely to offer our thoughts on the outcomes. We met an inspiring group of grantees, passionate about driving public-interest reporting. We learned about their motivations and how an ethical, private ad platform, like Glimpse, can align with their values and create a positive image for advertising as a revenue source.  We are beginning pilots with some of them in the coming weeks and hope that we will play a part in sustaining their futures.

For Glimpse Protocol, the programme allowed us to develop at a critical time in our growth. We were able to understand the publishing side of the market in greater depth. We built interfaces to support publishers more effectively. And we were able to invest in the protection of our IP. More indirectly, we were introduced to investors who are aligned with our own values and who have committed to supporting our growth. We'll update this when we're allowed to say who they are!

Delivering impact

Most importantly, it is now critical that DCMS is funded to follow through on the programme's successes. The initiatives borne from the Fund must be exploited to create enduring solutions. Only in this way value for money be achieved for the public investment committed through these pilots. Here at Glimpse, we are pleased to remain engaged with DCMS as they continue their support for public-interest news and as they continue to to investigate the harms caused by current malpractice in consumer data exploitation.

We believe that society is at an inflection point in its demand for online privacy and data ownership. Ethically-minded companies are driving this agenda more strongly than ever. At Glimpse Protocol, we are excited to be developing products that put consumers back in control of their data and which offer a more transparent, more efficient and more ethical approach to data relationships.

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