In August, Glimpse passed a significant milestone by surpassing 1 million vaults created. We started Glimpse to deliver privacy to everyone - so we’re ecstatic to have reached this benchmark.

Today, there are 2 million Glimpse Vaults and counting. Each vault ensures that, for a reader visiting a site, no data (personal or otherwise) is ever seen, read, transferred, sold or recycled by another party. We think this is pretty cool, but this is only a beginning. There are literally trillions of interactions that take place, each day, through the digital advertising supply chain daily and none of them offer this protection.

Since launching our beta trials, it’s not just the impact on privacy that has been pleasing to see. We have also noticed significant improvements to latency. Glimpse already exceeds the performance of the existing system and, with optimisation, we expect to deliver ads within 50 milliseconds. Improving on overly-complex and aging programmatic systems, we are already seeing how Glimpse will deliver better performance to both users and publishers.

Beta trials are ongoing, but will be complete by the end of August - we will return then with another blog and update to share further insights.

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