A lot of websites are free to use because they show you ads. That’s OK - right?

When first asked this question, most people say yes. In fact, a recent survey carried out by the UK’s data protection regulator found that 63% of people thought this trade was fair. You give me free content, and I will put up with the ads. Deal.

But wait 🛑 Digital advertising is insanely complicated. Is it a fair deal if one side in the bargain doesn’t fully understand what they are agreeing to?

What happens when you tell people what’s going on behind the scenes…?

It's a jungle out there

The 7,040 marketing technology solutions that help serve you ads

As part of the same survey, respondents were told a little about what happens to their data when an ad is displayed on a website:

When you visit a website that displays adverts, certain information may be collected by the website, merged with other information about you, and shared, via third-party intermediaries, with advertisers who bid against each other to display their advert to you. This all happens in an instant.

What happened next?

Asked again if they were happy with the deal they struck -- free content in exchange for ads -- nearly half changed their mind.

This shows us two things. First, most people don’t have a clue what is happening to their data when browsing the internet (people didn’t even know the types of data they were giving up!). And second, when they receive a small amount of education, most people feel that this isn’t a good deal.

But this is the worst part. Even once you understand what is happening to your data, you don’t have a choice but to be exploited.

Sure, you can install an ad blocker (you should) and stop using Chrome (give Firefox a try), but even if we all don tin foil hats and shove our iPhones in the microwave, we’re still unknowing participants in this system.

We are working hard at Glimpse to reimagine how digital advertising works. The legacy programmatic system is out of date. We now have new technologies that guarantee privacy while delivering ads -  a much better deal for you.

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